Kate Middleton's little sister is far richer than she is!

While the personal fortune of Kate Middleton is estimated at several million pounds, her little sister is not to be outdone.

Kate Middleton's little sister is far richer than she is!
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It's a modern day fairy tale. Kate Middleton and William will celebrate their Tin wedding (10th year) on April 29, and they seem to be swaddled in happiness. And yet Pippa, the Duchess of Cambridge's little sister, has done extremely well for herself, arguably even better. Pippa, who has just given birth to her second child, is building the perfect life with James Matthews, whose fortune is estimated at several billion pounds, reveals Amica on Monday, 21 March.

A rich Prince Charming

A former racing driver come wealth manager, James Matthews is the co-founder and executive director of Eden Rock Capital Management. A diligent and hard worker, the young man now at the head of a fortune estimated at 2.1 billion pounds, lives with his wife and their two children in a luxury flat in Chelsea bought for over 17 million pounds. In addition, following the death of his father, the entrepreneur should inherit not only several dozens of millions of pounds, but also his Scottish castle. A nice nest egg that far exceeds that of Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton was a millionaire before meeting William

Direct heir to her paternal great-grandfather, Richard Noel Middleton, who had set up a trust estimated at 'a seven figures amount' for his descendants, according to the Times, Kate Middleton has nothing to sneer at in terms of sheer wealth. She was a millionaire even before joining the royal family, and now the Duchess of Cambridge is in command of a fortune estimated at more than five million pounds. A very tidy sum which however still does not put her anywhere her little sister's wealth.