Joe and Nick Jonas Parodied Kardashian Sisters Kim and Khloe’s Iconic Fight

Joe Jonas recently released a hilarious clip of him and Nick mimicking a scene from Keeping Up With the Kardashians—it may be short, but it’s hilarious and definitely worth watching.

Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas acted out a scene from Keeping Up With the Kardashians that featured Kim and Khloe fighting. It may be random, but it will definitely propel laughter!

The two brothers acted out the scene while a voice-over of Kylie Jenner's older sisters, Kim and Khloe played. In the real scene that aired some time ago, Kanye West's Wife, Kim appears in the room after Khloe Kardashian labels her a “weak duck.”

Kim seemingly didn’t like that insult, so she threw her purse at Khloe and said to her sister, “Don’t be f***ing rude.” It was kind of rude... Anyone remember this scene yet?

The 39-year-old Skims owner, then threatened her sister by saying, “I’ll f***ing hurt you.” Scary. The Jonas Brothers obviously saw the humour in mocking this iconic fight scene.

In Joe’s version of the scene, he marches through the door holding a purse and starts slapping Nick with it. Sophie Turner's husband, Joe takes on the role of Kim Kardashian while Jumanji's actor Nick acts as Khloe.

The two continue to squabble while Khloe and Kim’s voices play in the background. And then the best part happens—Kevin walks in holding a beer. And he mouths “Oh my god” as he walks past the camera.

Joe captioned the hilarious video 'Don’t be Rude.'

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