Jessie J Owns Her Cellulite In Body Positive Insta Posts

As more and more stars are revealing themselves au naturel, singer Jessie J has also followed the movement by posting a unedited photo of herself in a swimsuit. Check it out.

Stars are constantly judged on their physical appearance - especially female stars. "Too thin", "too fat" with or without cellulite, a single Instagram post can trigger a wave of malicious comments. Regardless of how they look, celebrities are never safe and Jessie J gets that. A few days ago the "Bang Bang" singer posted a picture of herself in a swimsuit on Instagram. To ward off any potential haters, she wrote a caption that reads "Oh, and for those who tell me that I have cellulite. I know. I have a mirror."

In the perfect world of Instagram, where every photo is edited, smoothed and where the smallest imperfections are erased, netizens have enjoyed seeing Jessie J natural. With this photo, the 31-year-old has proven that she is a normal woman - and her followers love her for it!

What is the body positivity movement? What is the body positivity movement?