Jennifer Lopez Most Recent Leather Outfit Perfectly Shows Off Her Toned Figure

Jennifer Lopez has done it again, this time by posting a new photo of herself on her Instagram account wearing a leather outfit.

Jennifer Lopez never stops surprising us. As is the case with every time she posts a new photo online, the singer made another big splash on Instagram with her newest post. This time, it's a leather outfit that has everyone clamouring.

As usual, J.Lo delivers

In this photo, Jennifer Lopez can be seen wearing a black leather bikini that she had matched with a pair of black strappy pumps and an iridescent black down jacket. This very sexy look perfectly shows off all the hard work she puts in at the gym!

This photo, made for the DSW shoe brand's new collection, was a real hit and amassed over 1.3 million likes within the first 24 hours after posting. She's still got it!

Jennifer Lopez is very active on the web and regularly shares photos of herself. In fact, a few days ago, she made a big impression by posting a photo of herself in a white Guess swimsuit.

A star worth millions

A few days earlier, J.Lo had posted a video of herself during a photoshoot on Instagram. Apparently we're not the only ones who loved it - it got nearly 3 million likes!

Check out our video above to see this photo, you'll see that she is looking fantastic!

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