Jennifer Lawrence Freaked Out On Set When Filming Her Nude Scene

Everyone has insecurities with their bodies, but most of us are able to hide them from the rest of the world. For actresses such as Jennifer Lawrence, this isn’t so easy. On the Ellen DeGeneres show, one of the most popular actresses right now told the world about the issues she had when she had to film the sex scenes in her upcoming movie “Red Sparrow”.

For the young actress, her role in Red Sparrow was so interesting that she even agreed to give up her principles to take part. In fact, over the past years, Jennifer Lawrence has said on multiple occasions that she would never do a completely nude scene. Unfortunately for her, her Russian ballerina character who becomes a spy after an injury has to have sex with someone to get what she wants.

When Ellen DeGeneres asked her why she eventually agreed to this, the actress joked that it eventually “just got hot” before seriously saying that “it was really an amazing script and story to me. I loved the character and just didn’t want to miss out on it because of my weird insecurities, so I did it.”

Being fully naked on screen didn’t really bother her, it was more about showing her breasts that worried her the most. “Most of the guys I’ve known from Hunger Games, which I think makes it better. They were really nice and they all went in at 3 in the morning to set up heaters because it was a very Hungarian winter and I was always complaining about being cold. So, when I came in it was so toasty and warm and I was like “What are you doing with this heat, my nipples are going to be huge!”

But everything went well in the end, and the actress said that it was the best role she has ever played (so far)!

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