Jake Cornish speaks out after missing Love Island Reunion

Love Island 2021 star Jake Cornish was unable to attend the reunion due to illness but has now made his own comments about the show on social media.

It’s safe to say that many fans weren’t too happy with this year’sLove Island reunion. Aside from questions some fans thought were ‘invasive’ and the fact Kaz and Tyler didn’t get a sofa interview, one of the biggest disappointments was that Jake Cornish was unable to make it to the live studio as he was unwell.

Jake misses Love Island reunion

Jake did appear on the reunion show in a pre-recorded segment as he met up with Liberty for a drink in London. That reunion was pretty awkward as the exes discussed their failed relationship and Liberty asked Jake why he hadn’t been in contact with her more since leaving the villa.

Jake speaks out

On Wednesday, Jake hosted an Ask Me Anything with his Instagram followers, and some of his answers were quite illuminating. Firstly, to a fan who said they hoped he was OK, Jake said:

So many people have asked this. I'm good thanks, been unwell for the last week but starting to feel much better today.

When asked what he missed most about the villa, Jake replied that he missed ‘all the amazing people and the sun definitely.’ He also revealed that he had ‘so many amazing things in the pipeline’ now that he’s back in the real world, and told fans to ‘watch this space’ for his 5-year plan.

Another fan wrote:

Well unfair the way the public reacted to u on the show. What's your thoughts on it?

Jake replied to this:

If people knew what was said which wasn't aired, I think people would believe differently.

Now we really want to know what went down off-camera!

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