I’m A Celeb: Frankie Bridge reveals no make-up castle beauty secret

I’m A Celeb 2021 star Frankie Bridge has shared how she managed to look so good in the castle without make-up or hair products.

As the last woman standing, Frankie Bridge made it all the way to the I’m A Celeb 2021 final before being pipped to the castle crown by winner Danny Miller and runner-up Simon Gregson. She became a fan favourite for her fearless attitude to trials and honesty when opening up about her mental health.

But on a shallower note, many viewers also couldn’t help but notice how glam she managed to look despite the brutal castle conditions. In fact, some even got suspicious that she might be flouting the strict castle rules against wearing make-up and using hair products. In a post-show interview with the Daily Mail, Frankie has revealed her castle beauty secrets.

Frankie’s castle beauty secrets

When it comes to her hair, Frankie insists she wasn’t doing anything special other than letting her ‘flat, straight hair’ dry naturally. According to her, campmates weren’t even allowed to use a hairbrush! Make-up was also strictly banned—although producers did relent and allow the campmates to use some lip balm after suffering from sore lips in the bitterly cold weather.

Frankie Bridge’s eyebrow tip

However, Frankie did have a specific tip for keeping her eyebrows looking on point throughout the show, telling the Mail:

I would put soap on my toothbrush and brush my eyebrows – that was my trick! Before the castle I had my eyebrows laminated and tattooed. I don't wear makeup on my days off but I always do my eyebrows, so it was my biggest thing when I went in there.

So that’s how Frankie kept her brows looking amazing! We’re not sure we’ll be trying the tip out anytime soon, but it’s good to know if we ever find ourselves in a pinch!

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