Gordon Ramsay Posted This Sweet Photo With His Son - But One Detail Got Everyone Panicking

One of the UK's most popular chefs, Gordon Ramsay, recently welcomed his fifth child with wife Tana Ramsay - a son named Oscar. Little Oscar already has his own Instagram account complete with 110,000 followers, which is run by his older sister Matilda, but a photo posted by dad Gordon this week has sparked a debate after fans noticed something worrying.

At the age of 52, Gordon Ramsay has become a dad once again. He and wife Tana were already parents to 21-year-old Megan, 19-year-old twins Jack and Holly and 17-year-old Matilda and announced the new addition to their brood in January this year.

Now aged just three-months-old, little Oscar has built up quite a following on social media, as he already has a verified Instagram account with over 110,000 followers! However, his dad Gordon has come under fire for one of his Instagram posts this week as fans noticed there was something wrong with the way he was holding baby Oscar.

Gordon shared the snap of himself holding Oscar in a papoose whilst on a sunny day out, captioned 'Walk in the Park with my new best mate !' But Oscar's position in the baby carrier caused concern among some of the chef's followers - who pointed out that he should be following the 'TICKS' guidelines.

'TICKS' is a set of rules for safe babywearing which stands for Tight, In View At All times, Close Enough To Kiss, Keep Chin Off Chest and Supported Back. Following these guidelines helps ensure that your baby is able to breathe properly and is not forced into unnatural positions which can be damaging to their health.

Whilst many people praised the commenters for sharing this important safety guidance, others were more critical, accusing them of giving unsolicited advice. Take a look at the video above to see the picture and comments for yourself...

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