Furious Chris Hughes Jumps To Ex Jesy's Defence

Chris Hughes and Jesy Nelson may have split up but Chris still clearly cares a lot about the Little Mix star - as he's leapt to her defence on social media after she was targeted yet again by Katie Hopkins.

Furious Chris Hughes Jumps To Ex Jesy's Defence
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Love Island favourite Chris Hughes has leapt to the defence of his ex-girlfriend Jesy Nelson after she was targeted on social media by Katie Hopkins.

Hopkins posted two recent pictures from Jesy's socials with the caption:

These desperate daily pics are showing that contrivance of a documentary to be darn insincere. Girls. Be better than this. Beauty is in strength, not weakness that needs validating daily.

Chris was clearly left furious by her nasty comments, publicly tweeting back:

How about don’t be a bitch your whole life and let that person live. You tried it once years back, and it affected her mentally, just don’t be that arsehole. She has strength, she has beauty, and she has a heart that only you could dream of having.

Hopkins previously came for Jesy when she was on The X Factor, calling her a 'chubber'. Jesy revealed in her award-winning documentary Odd One Out last year that comments like these had left her 'severely depressed' and starving herself.

Why did Chris and Jesy split up?

Chris and Jesy were fast becoming one of Britain's favourite celeb couples - but they called time on their 16-month relationship over the phone whilst separated by the Coronavirus lockdown measures. However, friends have suggested that they still care about each other and could get back together once lockdown is over.