Emily Ratajkowski's Intimate Instagram Photo Making Every Man Green With Envy

If you’ve got it, flaunt it right? Emily Ratajkowski is no exception to that mantra. Known for her risqué, intimate Instagram photos, she’s a woman showing us all that we should be proud of our bodies no matter what. But one of her recent posts has caught the particular attention of a number of male users and we can see exactly why!

Taking a look at Emrata’s Instagram profile, you can see exactly why she attracts a majority of male users. As a model, let’s face it we wouldn’t expect anything less. But Emily Ratajkowski is no longer single lady. The model with over 17 million followers recently married her partner, producer and actor Sebastian Bear-McClard.

One example of a photo featured both her and her husband. In this pic, we can see the lucky man helping his beloved wife out applying some tanning lotion… to her derriere. In the photo, she is, as per usual, scantily clad chilling out by a swimming pool. To be honest, If I had her body and bank balance, I’d do the same.

Captioned “Mr Last Look”, it’s clear to see why she gets so much attention and why so many men must be asking themselves some serious questions!

Emily Ratajkowski’s Newest Bikini Video Blows Up on Instagram Emily Ratajkowski’s Newest Bikini Video Blows Up on Instagram