Dr Alex George: Former Islander accused of cheating on various exes

More cheating accusations have come forward against Dr Alex George which suggest he has had a pattern of unfaithful behaviour with various exes.

After reports emerged that Dr Alex George cheated on most recent ex-girlfriend, Ellie Hecht, further claims are now accusing him of having cheated on other exes too.

Cheated on Ellie Hecht at least four times

Hecht and George had been dating for a while before ending things abruptly in January—right after going on a romantic getaway to Mauritius. A source close to Hecht came forward over the last week saying that the former Islander cheated, via sexting, on four different occasions. They explained:

Alex cheated on Ellie very early on in their relationship but she chose to forgive him and move on, She has really been his rock during a very difficult time for him and decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

And added:

Unfortunately, Alex went on to sext a number of other women during their relationship and it all came to a head when someone contacted Ellie and spilled the beans about what he had been up to.

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Further accusations made

But it seems like this has been a pattern for the Love Island star as new reports have come out saying that he had been in contact with another woman on social media while dating Amelia Bath.

The woman in question leaked screenshots of message exchanges between herself and the A&E doctor that points to unfaithful behaviour. One of those incriminating messages showed George asking her for her phone number. The same source claims that he had also been cheating on Bath with a number of different women.

Doctor Alex has yet to directly respond to the accusations besides having posted a cryptic story on Instagram that read:

It's wise not to judge situations that you do not understand. Just a Sunday thought.
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