Demi Jones: Former Islander says 'life will never be the same' following cancer battler

The former Islander has opened up about life post battle with cancer and shares valuable advice with followers on social media.

After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer last year and undergoing treatment to remove the golf ball-sized lump in her throat, Demi Jones says her 'life will never be the same' again.

Life before and after cancer

The social media influencer was given the all-clear back in December of 2021 but says that having cancer has forever changed her life. As a result, she has now learned to live life in a completely different way. She explains that:

The people I've spoken to with cancer, we always say there's life before cancer and there's life after cancer and it's never the same. You have to differentiate your life in two sections, so I'm learning to live with it and I'm learning to live with side effects and everything. But everything is going brilliant.

Before adding:

I feel like so many people would probably love to be in my position right now, so I'm just thinking myself really lucky.

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Demi's advice on how to live life

Since going through what we can only imagine being one of the hardest things in life, the 23-year-old urged her followers to live life to the fullest. Jones stressed the importance of looking at the bigger picture in life and not worrying too much about the small details. She explained:

I'm still dealing with my dad at home, who is terminally ill, I've overcome cancer and I think life is so short. Enjoy yourself, do what you want to do, spend the money when you want to spend it and just have fun.
Love Island: Demi Jones announces she’s cancer-free Love Island: Demi Jones announces she’s cancer-free