Danny Dyer bashes EastEnders claiming it prevented him from achieving dreams

The long time EastEnders actor has opened up about his true feelings regarding being apart of the soap opera for so long. And he did not hold back...

After announcing he would be leaving EastEnders in January, following nine years of playing Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter, Danny Dyer has spoken out against contracted jobs.

What is the key to success, according to Danny?

During a Q&A session in his podcast, Sorted with the Dyers with daughter Dani Dyer, the 44-year-old answered a question from a listener who wanted advice on how to crack the entertainment industry. More specifically, the listener in question explains wanting to become a comedy writer but fears that being from the West Midlands would hinder her chances.

Simply put, Dyer explains that the key to success is following one's own dreams, despite the many obstacles that might emerge. He said:

This is something I went through. Do not let your class worry you. Us working class, peasants, if you want to call us, we got something about us. We totally understand what life is like. To live on the f**king breadline. And that is where comedy comes from.

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'All of us should follow our f**king dreams'

He goes on to explain that the most authentically rewarding thing we can do for ourselves is to follow our own dreams and not fall into the trap of working for others for what could seem like a large sum of money. He says:

All of us should follow our f**king dreams. As a human being. And then what stops us is when an employer comes to you and says, ‘Do you want to work for me?’ And you go, ‘oh, okay’. And they say, ‘I’m going to offer you 40 grand a year to not follow your dreams.’

In 2018, Dyer was offered a £1million contract with BBC bosses to work exclusively for them—meaning he could not pursue other projects. Now, since leaving the show, he has reportedly signed a six-figure deal with Sky which has given him the opportunity to delve into an array of endeavours he has always been interested in exploring.

Danny Dyer opens up about leaving EastEnders Danny Dyer opens up about leaving EastEnders