Completely Transformed Adele Worries Fans After A Dramatic Weight Loss

Completely Transformed Adele Worries Fans After A Dramatic Weight Loss

Adele has dropped 3 stone and she looks completely different, fans have taken Twitter to express their concern.

The worldwide known singer Adele has always been a figure in body positivity and has proudly shown a curvy figure. But in a recent picture of the diva revealed a weight loss that has got fans worried. 'Hello' singer is currently on vacation on Anguilla island, in the Caribbean. And the paparazzi have not missed a beat of it.

They took photographs of the singer when she was enjoying her holiday, one particular picture has gone viral and was highly commented on social media. In this picture, we see the singer completely transformed, almost unrecognisable after an impressive weight loss. Leaving her fans completely worried. Expressing their concerns via Twitter:

Tough year for Adele

2019 was not easy for the singer, who called it quits and got divorced from ex-husband and father of her son, Simon Konecki, with whom she was with for the past 7 years. After this traumatic episode, Adele hired a life coach to change her diet and reduce her consumption of sugars. It safe to say, her diet paid off.

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Already back in October, fans showed concern about Adele's weight after the singer had already lost 3 stone.


While some fans' comments were very kind and encouraging, asking the singer to share the secrets of her very efficient diet. Some strong body-positivity advocates blamed social pressure and think Adele 'was fine as she was'. In the early 2000s, the singer was criticised for her weight. At the time bullies asked Adele to lose some weight, whereas today they ask her to gain some weight. It seems like Adele is never healthy enough for the Internet.

We think she looks stunning all the time.

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