Cody Simpson Spotted With Playboy Model In New York As Miley Posts Sad Tweets

Cody Simpson Spotted With Playboy Model In New York As Miley Posts Sad Tweets

Fans fear that Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson's passionate two month romance could be over as Cody is spotted hanging out with a Playboy model with Miley nowhere to be seen.

Are Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus still together? That's the question many fans have been asking after the usually PDA-happy couple have not been seen together for the last two weeks.

Whilst the couple, who've been dating since October, posted plenty of loved-up selfies on their socials in the early stages of their relationship, there's been radio silence from them in the last few weeks.

The last time Miley and Cody were spotted together was when they were volunteering at a homeless youth centre two weeks ago. Now, Cody has been spotted out in New York with Playboy model Jordy Murray - whilst Miley has posted some upsetting cryptic tweets.

Miley tweeted on Saturday afternoon: 'A sad Christmas song I wrote a few years back right before the holidays. Was feeling like shit cause I couldn’t be with the one I loved. Even with a house full of family and friends I still felt alone... In ways that still feels relevant and someone reading this right now could possibly relate! If you feel lonely this season just know YOU ARE COMPLETELY MADE OF MAGIC! You are as special as a snowflake, beautifully unique and I hope inside your soul feels light, hope, peace… and joy knowing how singularly amazing YOU are! Love always wins! 🎄'

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Meanwhile, Cody's sister Alli has insisted that he and Miley ARE still together despite the speculation, telling the Daily Mail Australia that they are 'still together, for sure' and explaining that model Jordy is Cody's 'best friend, Ryan Mcarthy’s girlfriend of a few years. He’s visiting him for a couple of days.'

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