Chris Hughes confirms he was in horrifying car accident

Chris Hughes was victim of a horrifying car crash on Sunday, 13 February.

On Valentine's Day, Chris Hughes revealed to his 2.1 million followers on Instagram that he had gotten into a horrifying car crash on Sunday, 13 February.

What happened?

Chris Hughes shared a video of his crushed car to his worried fans after sharing he had gotten into a car accident on the motorway. Thankfully, Hughes was not hurt, except for a 'sore neck' and no other people were involved in the crash, it seems.

My car's in a sorry state, necks sore but home

Hughes didn't share any information on how he got into the accident, but he thanked the people that stopped on the side of the road to help him.

Not fun but 2 amazing people stopped to help and they were the best. I was actually useless in the situation and a bit meh, so I didn't know what to do.

How did Chris Hughes spend Valentine's Day?

Chris Hughes has been dating professional golfer Annabel Dimmock since 2021. For Valentine's Day, Dimmock surprised Hughes with an intricately planned evening at her parents' house! Obviously, Hughes shared the entire thing on social media, for his fans to gush over and live vicariously through him.

In his Instagram stories, he explained that his girlfriend drove them to her parents' house and asked him to help them move something in the backyard, only to surprise him with an outdoor cinema. They spent Valentine's Day watching the stars and a film under a clear dome, indulging in gourmet food prepared by his one and only, and drinking champagne.

Chris Hughes and Annabel Dimmock's perfect date night Chris Hughes/Instagram

The perfect date night to forget the accident that took place just the night before.

Annabel Dimmock is quite the chef! Chris Hughes/Instagram

It seems the two are really head-over-heels in love with each other. They recently got matching tattoos on their arms of what is believed to be the date they met: 08.08.2021. They have also been sparking engagement rumours.

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