Charlize Theron Completely Changed With A Bold Look With Her Platinum Pixie Cut And Fishnet Dress

When she appeared on the red carpet at the Palm Springs International Film Festival on Thursday 2nd January, Charlize Theron went for quite a bold, daring look. Amazing.

Now that New Year’s Eve has come and gone, the stars of Hollywood are back to work and recently attended the 31st Palm Springs International Film Festival which took place on Thursday 2nd January 2020.

And for the event, actress Charlize Theron posed in front of the cameras in a very unique, bold outfit. After getting a bowl cut for her appearance in the latest instalment of ‘Fast and Furious’, the 44-year-old American actress decided to adopt a pixie cut, which is a short, boyish, platinum blonde style which she wore with a side parting.

As for her make-up, she settled on something a bit flashier with fuchsia red lipstick for her mouth and a solid pink eyeshadow for her eyes. As for her nails, Charlize Theron got a black manicure done for the event. Simple, yet effective.

An audacious outfit!

As for her clothing, the heroine from Atomic Blonde looked stunning in a taupe-coloured dress with a houndstooth pattern that was designed by Dior. The dress had a strapless top half and was connected to a pencil skirt by a belt at the waist. But what was so unique about this outfit? The fishnet that covered her entire bust, arms and even went up to her neck. On her feet, she wore black heeled sandals with thin straps around her ankles.

A rewarding night!

And the spokesperson for the Dior brand didn’t leave the festival empty-handed. In fact, she won an award for her role in the film ‘Bombshell’ which was released just last year.

And she wasn’t the only one to win an award. Jennifer Lopez, alongside her husband and wearing a very long dress, also saw her talents rewarded for her film ‘Hustlers’.

Charlize Theron Looked Amazing In Her Strapless Dress With A Plunging Neckline Charlize Theron Looked Amazing In Her Strapless Dress With A Plunging Neckline