Celine Dion Concert Comes To A Halt After Drunken Fan Storms The Stage

During her concert in Las Vegas, a woman who had clearly had one too many to drink jumped on stage while Celine Dion was right in the middle of her show. She was not taking no for an answer.

Right in the middle of her set at Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas, a fan climbed on stage and proceeded to 'mount' Celine Dion. A surreal experience no doubt for the Canadian singer, who despite the ordeal, remained very patient.

Earlier this year, during one of her live shows in Las Vegas. Midway through the set, one of her fans somehow got onto the stage. 'Let me tell you something, I'm glad you came on stage tonight' Celine told her. Apparently very honoured to be stood next to her, the surprise guest, evidently drunk, engages in what can only be described as utterly bizarre behaviour. Following several minutes of chat, she mounts her, and starts thrusting.

Having observed this obscene behaviour, members of the security intervened but the woman didn't seem like she wanted to leave. 'Olivier, you can let go of her hand, but stay there because she needs help', Celine said. Eventually, the intruder calmed down and left the stage escorted by security and Dion herself. 'It's okay, you know what, they're my friends', she told her fan. Once it had all died down, the show resumed, and Dion, somewhat exhausted by the whole affair said 'Some people go through difficult times, some need to talk, I want to thank you all, because for 5 minutes, we gave this lady the opportunity to express herself'. A touch of class from the Canadian songstress. Celine is such a wonderful person at heart!

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