Awkward: Binky Felstead Shares An Embarrassing Private Message About Her Boobs

Sending Instagram messages can go wrong all too easily, with mortifying results...

Ex-Made In Chelsea star and new mum Binky Felstead posts regularly on her Instagram feed but this week she received a message that she was never meant to see.

Binky had posted a selfie wearing a sports bra at the gym on her Instagram story, to which a fan had responded with the message 'Where have her boobs gone??'

This message was quickly followed by the following: 'Oh gosh, I'm so sorry! I was sending that to a friend because the same has happened to me since I lost weight too. Love seeing your stories.'

It sounds like a genuine mistake but Binky was quick to call the fan out - sharing a screenshot of the body-shaming messages on her Instagram story with the comment 'LOL!!!!! When you're busted betching!!! (It's a sports bra?!!!)'

Go Binks!

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