Ashley Graham celebrates women's curves by posting a naked selfie

In an effort to encourage women to love their bodies as they are, Ashley Graham took a selfie in her birthday suit and posted it on social media.

Ashley Graham has been a prominent body positivity advocate for a number of years now and has always seen her curvesas an asset. From strutting on the catwalk for top high-fashion designers to posing for major brands, she has, over the years, claimed her spot in the tough world of fashion.

She's on a mission to help women embrace their bodies regardless of what they look like, and to achieve this, she regularly posts empowering photos on her Instagram account. Since the model became a mother at the start of 2020, she has made it her job to free women from stereotypes surrounding pregnancy and postpartum by sharing what her daily life as a mother is really like.

An uncensored picture

On Sunday, October 18th, Ashley Graham shared a whole new mirror selfie she took with her phone, in her bathroom. In this photo, she's seen posing totally naked, only covering her chest by crossing her arms over it.

Although Instagram has become less and less lenient about the nature of the content their users are allowed to post, this photo actually wasn't censored or removed by the social media giant. How come? Well, probably because Ashley Graham's intent was not to sexualize her body. On the contrary, she wanted to show her body at its most natural and highlight the signs of life that have become a part of it.

Helping women gain self-confidence

In the caption for her Instagram post, the young mother wrote:

Nakie big girl.

No filters, no editing! Ashley Graham proudly reveals her body, 'flaws' and all: a small tattoo, stretch marks, no makeup on... And her community loves every inch of her! Fans continue to be inspired by Ashley Graham to love themselves more and feel less of a need to hide their perceived imperfections.

However, many of her followers were unsatisfied with the model's choice of words in her caption. To them, she's not a 'big girl' but rather a 'normal' woman.

I hate that you're considered a 'big girl.' All I see is a beautiful woman with natural curves posing in all her glory... Incredibly sexy and feminine.
Nakie * normal * girl.

You can check out Ashley Graham's naked selfie in the video above!

Bikini-clad Ashley Graham unapologetically flaunts her post-pregnancy stretch marks Bikini-clad Ashley Graham unapologetically flaunts her post-pregnancy stretch marks