Ashley Graham Accidentally Reveals The Gender Of Her Baby

Model Ashley Graham was the guest of the Ellen Degeneres show! This is where she revealed the sex of her baby: a little boy.

It's time to start shopping! The plus-size supermodel Ashley Graham revealed the sex of her baby: he's a little boy! And she did it on the Ellen Degeneres show. At 32, this is the first time the model will experience the joys of motherhood.

Vogue Magazine Model and her husband, Justin Ervin threw a very unconventional baby shower last Friday. In additional to the usual balloons, cupcakes and candies, Graham also treated her guests with free manicures, piercing and tattoos.

Ashley Graham announced a few months ago her pregnancy on Instagram in a video with her husband, director Justin Ervin.

During the Ellen Degeneres show, Ashley Graham was in great shape and seemed to be handling her pregnancy very well, despite the reduced amount of sleep hours: 'I feel good, you know, I don't have time to take naps anymore so I had to organise everything.'

Watch the video above to learn more about it!

Ashley Graham, body positivity figure

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Ashley Graham is one of the most popular plus-size models and has always made body-positivity her campaign. She often displays her voluptuous body without any complexes and engages her nine million followers to do the same and to accept themselves, and made her fans wild when she proudly posted a picture of her stretch marks on Instagram!

You go, girl!

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