Amy Winehouse 'Coming Back As A Hologram' For 2019 Tour But Many Fans Are Left In Doubt

"To see her perform again is really something special that really cannot be put into words": A hologram of British musical icon, Amy Winehouse is set for a world tour in 2019, but the news has boiled up a some tension amongst fans.

Amy Winehouse became an outstanding musical success from the very beginning of her career, with a critically acclaimed debut album Frank, first released in 2003. Ever since, Amy has become one of those most influential British musicians across the globe, breaking the record at the time for most wins by a single female artist in a single night.

In 2011, the British icon performed for the last time at at Tuborg Festival in Belgrade on June 18th before she heartbreakingly passed away at an early age of 27 as a result of alcohol poisoning. One of her most renowned albums, Back To Black became UK's best-selling album of the 21st century. shortly after her death. The songstress was known to be struggling with mental illness, severe drug misuse and addiction.

Created by production company, BASE Hologram, A hologram of Amy Winehouse is set for a 2019 worldwide tour, where a projected live image of her will be performing onstage, accompanied by a live band and backing singers. Referred to as "stagecraft" bt the creation company, the performance will feature digitally remastered arrangements of Amy's most well-known musical pieces such as Back in Black, Love is a Losing Game and her rendition of Valerie, originally written and performed by English indie rock band, The Zutons.

Mitch Winehouse, Amy's father is fully onboard with the project - "it means everything that her legacy will continue in this innovative and groundbreaking way,” he explains in a statement. According to Winehouse, the project will work to raise funds for the Amy Winehouse Foundation, a charity formed to aid and educate young people about drug and alcohol misuse as well as to support those who are disadvantaged.

Whilst such project allows fans to see Amy perform live once again thanks to innovative and immersive technology, many fans are still left questioning whether this carries on her legacy or simply tarnishes her basic personhood. Many worries have sprung as to whether such a tour would disrespect Amy's character or personal wishes:

"I would have loved to see her live, loved Amy. But even if I was given a ticket to this, I wouldn’t touch it. Stop exploiting her all over again. Let her be."

"Totally disrespectful to a legendary artist. Literally nauseating."

" I'll be sure to send a hologram of myself along to simulate respect."

Whilst others were in support of the project:

"People are mad about Amy Winehouse's hologram tour. Can't relate, I never got to see Amy perform live AND its (sic) raising money to help the AmyWinehouse Foundation which provides rehab facilities for young people who can't afford them."

The announcement was made by Amy's father himself as well as BASE Hologram. The show is expected to last around 110 minutes.

This wouldn't be the first time a digital performance has been launched. Back in 2012, a hologram of 2Pac, one of America's most renowned hip hop artists (shown in the video), was launched at Coachella, alongside an in-the-flesh live performance of Snoop Dogg and Eminem.

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