Amy Schumer Poses Naked In the New York Times For Brilliant Pregnancy Shoot

Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams and Monica Belluci, many stars have posed naked during their pregnancies. This time, it was Amy Schumer who stripped down for the New York Times.

Often the victim of criticism regarding her curvy body, the comedian always replies to bullies with her legendary sense of humour. Now that she’s pregnant with her first child, Schumer has posted her naked pregnancy shoot on Instagram with the caption : ’On a chilly Nola morning it’s best to chase ducks with nothing weighing you down except a baby...Thank you @zinomanjason for your profile on me. Brutally honest. My favorite kind of honesty.’

This mama-to-be totally does not care what others think about her naked, pregnant body. Years of show business have given her a tough skin and a healthy reaction to body shaming. ‘As someone who has been told a million times they are fat and ugly, it does not matter!’ Schumer told the New York Times.

Often confronted with body shaming bullies, the 37-year-old actress added: ‘Special comes out Tuesday I CAN’T WAIT TO READ WHAT ALL THE WHITE MALE CRITICS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT MY PREGNANCY SPECIAL!’

The New York Times also shared beautiful snaps of pregnant Amy, in an inspiring and empowering photoshoot, with the caption: ‘ She’s become one of the biggest, most polarizing names in comedy. Taking harsh criticism and facing motherhood, she’s acknowledged mistakes, saying, “I’m down to evolve.” ‘

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