What Does Sia's Face Look Like? The Singer Poses Without Her Famous Wig

Despite being world-famous, the singer Sia has still managed the feat of (almost) never appearing in public with her face uncovered. During a Netflix event, she gave herself a night off from her wig.

The Chandelier singer, whose appearance has remained largely a mystery, was invited to the premiere for a season premiere of series Ozark from Netflix. She took the opportunity to pose with Jason Bateman, the star of the series, and Sia attended the evening without a wig or anything covering her face.

Since 2014 and the release of her hit album 1000 Forms of Fear, Sia made the decision to never show her face. It was at this point in her career that her popularity rose and her beautiful voice propelled her into the spotlight. She had no interest in being constantly photographed by paparazzi so she began to cover her face with huge black and white wigs during her public appearances.

In 2015, the singer confided while speaking to Ellen Degeneres that ‘I want to go to the hardware store to buy tools if I want to. If I feel an urge and I can’t find a toilet, I don’t want to be photographed urinating on the side of the road. Nobody follows me around with a camera.’ But it seems like now things have changed!

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