According To His Former Bodyguard, Karl Lagerfeld Didn’t Die From Pancreatic Cancer

Ten months ago, Karl Lagerfeld suddenly died, leaving behind his Chanel empire, his cat and thousands of fans. But now, his former bodyguard Sébastien Jondeau wants to set the record straight. Apparently, the designer didn’t die of pancreatic cancer, but because of something else that had been eating away at him.

According To His Former Bodyguard, Karl Lagerfeld Didn’t Die From Pancreatic Cancer
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In 2019, we, unfortunately, lost a lot of big names in cinema, music and politics. On 19th February, at the age of 85, Karl Lagerfeld, who lots of fans had considered immortal, unfortunately, passed away. Although everyone believes that this was because of pancreatic cancer, Sébastien Jondeau, his former bodyguard, has a completely different story.

The truth needed to be told

During an interview with Paris Match magazine, the Kaiser’s main man finally revealed the truth.

‘Karl suffered from prostate cancer, not pancreatic cancer.’ And he was so adamant about this, claiming that remembers the day when Choupette’s owner found out about his condition in detail.

The story dates back four years before his death, to 5th June 2015.

‘We were in Saint-Tropez. I was on the beach with a friend. Karl didn’t go out that afternoon, he was working from home. He sent me an urgent message. I called him back straight away: ‘I have a problem, I can’t go to the bathroom’. In a panic, the bodyguard took Karl Lagerfeld to two different urologists, but the diagnosis was clear.

‘The figures were alarming’ he recalled. This was the first time that he had seen Baptiste Giabiconi’s mentor ‘so ill, so worried’, as he explained to the magazine. Now aged 44, the man who was ‘a bit like the son he never had’ is still struggling to move on.

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