A look inside Donald Trump's impressive 126-room Mar-a-Lago home

The real estate king has been fighting for the right to live in the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida bought in 1985, and it seems like he may have just won his legal battle. Let's take a look at the 5,810 m2 mansion.

It was one of the most asked questions as Donald Trump was packing his bags and moving out of the White House—where will Donald Trump live? Trump owns more than $122 million in personal real estate, so it would be an understand to say that he had a few options when it came to choosing where to drop off his bags. The couple has moved into one of their properties, Mar-a-Lago, a magnificent complex located in Palm Beach, Florida, built in the 1920s.

Bought in 1985

Donald Trump bought the property, which was named a National Historic Landmark, in 1985 for £7.2 million. As you can imagine, this is not just a villa or a common dwelling. The billionaire will be able to wander around this immense site of several hectares. Mar-a-Lago contains a private club with 500 members.

The figures for Mar-a-Lago are impressive: the villa has 126 rooms, a spa and several hotel facilities, and is spread out over almost 750,000 square feet, as Gala reports. Donald Trump has been visiting this location since 1985, and several major events have taken place there.

How will the Trump family live there?

In 1994, for example, Michael Jackson spent his honeymoon there with Lisa Marie Presley. The entrance fee for Mar-a-Lago's private club is £150,000. No small fee, and one that makes this club a very popular place that few people can afford.

Laurence Leamer, who wrote the book Mar-a-Lago: Inside the Gates of Power at Donald Trump's Presidential Palace, says the Trumps will have to make do with being close to other club members. She says:

It's like living full-time in a nice hotel.

To see what Mar-a-Lago looks like, check out the video above!

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