5 Celeb-Inspired Makeup Looks To Rock This Holiday Season

Do you lack inspiration on how to do your make-up during the holidays? Don't panic - we're here to help. For you, we took some trips to the last red carpet events and sought out the most stylish make-up. Natural or sophisticated, these make-up styles have been worn by the biggest stars. We've reproduced five to show you that there's no need to be a celebrity to shine throughout the night.

Gigi Hadid: Raining gold

If there's one color that represents the magic of Christmas, it's gold. From your table decorations, to the colour of your dress, it can be found everywhere. So, give into temptation of an all-golden look, just like Gigi Hadid. You don't need to be an expert in make-up to get this result. A generous application of eye shadow on the lids, highlighter en masse on the upper cheeks and an iridescent gloss will be plenty for the (golden) star of the evening - you!

Lucy Hale: Emerald eyes

Don't be afraid to go bold and try something more eccentric this year - just like Lucy Hale, we are loving emerald green. Often shunned in makeup pallets, it's the perfect touch to bring pep to your look. It's holiday season, so go the extra mile and complete your look with iridiscent makeup to maximise the mystic factor. Word of advice: have lots of colour options on hand. The brighter, the better!

Doutzen Kroes: Pretty in nude

Should end-of-year parties necessarily require an excess amount of make-up? If you already have a sophisticated outfit, follow in Blake Lively's footsteps and go for a makeover. Lightly pink eyelids + a hint of lipstick + a hint of peach blush = a gorgeous glow that'll keep you looking fresh until morning light.

Tyler Hill: Smoky just like charcoal

Whether you have light or dark-coloured eyes, the best way to showcase them is via the classic smoky eye. And it couldn't be simpler! Apply a dark shade to the outer corner of the eye and blend, repeat the process until you achieve the desired intensity. Beware of lipstick that's too dark, as it tends to add a little too much to the overall look. Like Emma Watson, we'll go for a nude lipstick for the final touch. Camera ready? We think so.

Selena Gomez: The modern pin-up

A look that works whenever, wherever? The cat-eye and red lip combo! It brings a sense of chic and elegance to any look. So, if you are sorely lacking in inspiration, put on a little black dress and opt for this Selena's look - you really can't go wrong. To dress up those peepers even more, try a pair of falsies and you're good to go!

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