This Poor Kitten's Life Is In Danger Thanks To An Eye Infection

This Poor Kitten's Life Is In Danger Thanks To An Eye Infection

This adorable kitten is suffering from a life-threatening eye infection that is extremely risky to treat unless he undergoes medical surgery. Even with the operation, the kitten has a very low chance of surviving the full procedure.

Savannah Anas who is a marine biologist found this kitten when he was about 2 weeks old. A black kitten, later named Scar, was cursed with a serious eye infection because he was abandoned at birth and received little to no care. However, the owner was not ready to lose her cat - Savannah stated 'I've done a lot of work with biology and diseases and infections and I knew that with the infection being so close to his brain, it was most likely fatal', but she was willing to take the plunge to try to rescue this poor little kitten no matter what.

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She stated that the veterinarian who was doing the operation was a bit reluctant because the cat was too small and that he would not be able to be hooked up to any machines or a breathing tube. Thankfully, during the surgery everything went well and Scar survived. Now this tough kitten sports an adorable eye patch. He's happy and playful just like a normal kitten should be. 

Check out the video above to see more of Scar's story! 

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