This Cat Tried To Get Through A Hole In The Wall - But Something Awful Happened

When a cat gets an idea in its head, it goes through with it…without thinking about the details. This is what happened when Loki, a 3-year-old feline who wanted to go through a hole in the wall, got stuck because of its excess weight!

This Cat Tried To Get Through A Hole In The Wall - But Something Awful Happened
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Jenn Teeter, a teacher in a Montessori of Montana school in the USA, was preparing breakfast for her young pupils early last May, as she did every morning, when suddenly, a bushy, orange shape in the corner of a wall caught her attention: it was Loki, the school cat, caught in an opening made above the door!

“I didn’t think that he’d be able to climb up there! He tried so many times without succeeding” the teacher stated to the animal media programme The Dodo. Although he had long amused himself by hiding in the smallest corners and sitting in containers 10 times too small for it, the feline had one obsession, one ultimate dream: to reach the hole above the kitchen door. That day, (bad) luck was shining on him: he reached it…and got trapped!

The cat couldn’t get out…

Worried that the cat was injured, Jenn Teeter watched its reaction. “We know him well. If something’s wrong or if he’s hurt, he meows loudly. Although it was trapped, he continued to swing its tail. It was probably proud of itself after all”, she joked.

A bit chubby, Loki hadn’t thought that he would end up trapped. He tried to drag himself out of the hole, with all the grace an overweight cat could muster…after several attempts, he ended up getting out and landed on the ground. He wasn’t hurt, and is in full health.

The video taken by Jenn Teeter has been viewed 13,000 times on her Facebook account, and has caused plenty of laughs for the children at the school. Nevertheless, Loki will think twice next time he wants to go that way!

Watch our video to see Loki’s misadventure!

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