These Are Officially The 15 Most Adorable Breeds Of Kitten In The World

Take a look at our photo gallery to discover the top 15 cutest kitten breeds of all time then tell us if you agree!

These Are Officially The 15 Most Adorable Breeds Of Kitten In The World
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These Are Officially The 15 Most Adorable Breeds Of Kitten In The World
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1. Persian: The Persian is a long-haired cat, well-known for its reserved and lazy character. This majestic cat is large with a flattened face and big round eyes.

2. Maine Coon: The Maine Coon is a giant cat. It can weigh up to 14 kilos without being overweight. Though it is independent and a great hunter, the Maine Coon has a playful and gentle personality.

3. Siamese cat: The Siamese cat has a very strong character and can be very possessive. They don't like compromise and if you own a Siamese you'll have to be very patient. If a Siamese cat loves you, however, that's something very special.

4. Bengal cat: The Bengal cat is very sensitive, particularly to humans. Friendly and affectionate, this little leopard needs lots of love but also freedom in order to be happy.

5. Chartreux: Chartreux cats are refined and mysterious. They like to stay at home and they are playful and intelligent.

6. Birman: The Birman cat ressembles a lighter and longer-haired Siamese cat. Gentle, affectionate and playful, they can be calm cats and adapt well to living in families.

7. Angora: Angora cats are supple and elegant. Very independent, they can be antisocial and difficult to train and even a bit aggressive. They need a lot of freedom.

8. British shorthair: The British Shorthair is characterized by its large round eyes. A reserved cat, they like fresh air and freedom to roam. They don't get lonely and are great hunters.

9. Ragdoll: The Ragdoll cat is known for being one of the most sensitive, gentle and flexible cats. They get on well with other animals.

10. Siberian cat: Siberian cats are gentle and sociable. They are well-suited to large families, including those with children and other pets.

11. Sphynx: The Sphynx cat is known for being the only hairless breed of cat. Perfect for those with allergies, the Sphynx cat is possessive but very cuddly and its skin is very soft and warm.

12. Scottish fold: The Scottish Fold is recognizable by its folded-over ears. Cuddly, soft and gentle, it is reserved, playful and very agile.

13. Russian blue: Russian Blue cats are kind and mysterious. They are very calm and would not be suited to loud owners. They are quite lazy and need peace and quiet.

14. Savannah: The Savannah is undeniably the most feline of all cats. Sociable and cuddly, they are also lively and very playful.

15. Norwegian: The Norwegian cat loves nature. A great hunter, they love being in the fresh air and climbing up to high places. You're sure to find them sitting on top of your bookshelves or wardrobes.