Meet Vincent: A Very Special Cat Who Can Run And Jump Thanks To His Prosthetics

Vincent is a very special American cat who has no hind legs. Thanks to the employees of the shelter he was taken in to, he has now received two prosthetic legs that will allow him to move, run and jump like the other cats.

When Vincent was taken in to an Iowa shelter, employee Cindy Jones took him under her wing. She asked a veterinarian orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Mary Sarah Bergh, to try to find a solution for Vincent, who was only 3 years old, so that he could live the most normal and independent life possible. That's when the solution of the prosthetics came up.

Dr. Bergh worked with the veterinary othopedics company BioMetrix. The company donated its tools and skills to Vincent. Implants were inserted into the femoral bones of his rear thighs. The vets hope that this operation will allow the cat's bones to continue growing around the implants so that his artificial hind legs reach the same size as his front legs.

As the prosthetics are placed directly onto Vincent's bones beneath the skin, there is a risk of infection. To avoid this, Cindy simply has to apply an antiobiotic spray to Vincent's legs twice a day. Other than that, everything is in place for Vincent to live happily and freely!

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