Ever Dreamt About Cats? This Is What It Really Means...

Mysterious, magical, cuddly and free, the cat is often present in our dreams. Dreaming of a cat, depending on the situation, can reveal a lot about your desires. Let us decrypt those dreams for you!

The cat is often silent in dreams. It is rare for dreamers to remember the cat as a noisy animal that interrupts their dream. Although it is a symbol of freedom and mystery, the analysis of a cat dream often reveals the opposite.

If you dream about a cat, it means that you have an intense need for well-being. You would like to take care of yourself but you can not do it. Take some time off!

A cat that claws you in your dream can mean that you will experience a violent sentimental argument, but also that you suppress your emotions. You're hiding a feeling that you refuse to admit. Face it!

If you see stray cats in your dream, it may mean that you need freedom. You feel stuck in your current situation and you need a change of scenery!

Dreaming about kittens or purring cats refers back to your family. You lack attention from family and need to reconnect with that sphere, which is important to you. Don't wait!

Unpredictable, free and mysterious, dreaming about a cat can reveal things about your life and your emotions. Pay attention to the details, especially the color of its coat, which can guide you on the direction of your dream: positive or negative, depending on your beliefs!

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The Way Your Cat Cuddles You Can Mean Very Different Things! The Way Your Cat Cuddles You Can Mean Very Different Things!