As The Mother Feeds Her Litter, This Daddy Cat Does Something Beautiful

  • Here is the cat dad
  • His companion gave birth to a litter
  • Of four adorable kittens
  • During the entire labour…
  • …as well as after…

Are you in the mood for something lighter today? Here we love to share inspiring stories which warm the heart. Today, here is a beautiful love story told through photos…

Love, always

Have you been lacking a little bit of love and affection lately? Don’t panic, we’re here for you and to do this, what better than a beautiful story of cuddling between pets?

Doting father

Here is the story of this cat who became a dad for the first time. For the duration of his companion’s labour he stayed by her side, encouraging her with licks, until the birth of four healthy kittens!


And the most beautiful part? This love story obviously did not stop there, since the daddy cat decided to stay with his companion also during the whole process of feeding and teaching the kittens… A wonderful story!

• Rob Mitchell
This Worker Was Suspended By His Company - For Saving A Cat

This Worker Was Suspended By His Company - For Saving A Cat

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