Young Bloggers Are Now Showing Off Their Acne On Social Media For A Really Important Reason

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No, acne isn’t taboo and there are lots of Instagrammers that are showing it off on social media. The time to hide your pimples is now officially over. Check out these inspiring young women and ambassadors for the #AcnePositivity movement.

We have always been told that a pimple on the end of your nose or on our face has to be covered up. But why can’t we just accept our acne rather than hate it? This is the message that lots of young women have been trying to spread on social media recently.

At a time when skin is smooth and photoshopped in every Instagram post, some people have been going about this zero-fault trend with a different approach. Put aside that thick coating make-up and check out the #AcnePositivity movement, where young women are accepting themselves without make-up.

An 18-year-old American known by her pseudonym as ‘Pigss’ on Instagram has become one of the ambassadors of this bodypositive movement. Followed by more than 130,000 subscribers, she posts uninhibited selfies without make-up daily. But she isn’t the only one, blogger Abbie Bull also suffers from severe acne and has done for years, but she accepts her face without make-up. Em Ford, aka My Pale Skin Blog is followed by one million people and she has become one of the major icons for the #SkinPositivity movement.

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The young woman also explained to the media source The independent that: ‘To now see other women proudly sharing their skin makes me so happy – and I am waiting for the day where it is no longer ‘taboo’ to post a bare-faced image – but completely normal and natural.’

Although social media can be held responsible because it doesn’t show the ‘beautiful’ side of things, it’s also the origin of lots of bodypositive movements that help young women feel happy with themselves.

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