Video: This Blogger Wants You To Be Proud Of Your Natural Breasts

Video: This Blogger Wants You To Be Proud Of Your Natural Breasts

Since being natural and "body positive" has become trendy, it's time to emulate blogger Chidera Eggerue and be proud of your breasts! Take a look.

Social networks are a breeding ground for trends. And for good reason! The latest trend is similar to the hashtag #SaggyBoobsMatter started by a blogger. Aged 24, Chidera Eggerue reveals her insecurities online: for years, she hated her body and strived to wear bras to enhance her breasts. Unfortunately, the look the young woman desired was impossible for her to achieve. She felt uncomfortable wearing them until she decided to embrace her natural breasts.

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No more bras! She embraces the shape of her breasts and shares her "body positivity" on social networks through the hashtag. Her message is clear: there is no perfect breast or ideal shape! The young woman wants to show us that everyone must be proud of their attributes. Following her posts, Chidera received messages from all over the world. Many teenage girls and mothers thank her for her help in making them feel good. Girl Power!

Source: @theslumflower

Check out the video above for more! 

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