This Instagram Hashtag Is Changing The Way We See Post-Pregnancy Bodies

  • This is postpartum.
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On Instagram, the hashtag #this_is_postpartum is popping up more and more. It is allowing women who have just given birth to exonerate themselves of peer pressure and show off their bodies for what they really are.

If you regularly scroll through Instagram, you may have already come across the hashtag ‘#this_is_postpartum’ which has been used in almost 6,000 posts.

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The aim of this hashtag? To get new mothers who have just given birth to show themselves off in their daily lives, without hiding their excess weight, their stretch marks or even scars. Because the goal of this hashtag is not just to break the peer pressure they feel to look good, but to make women stop feeling guilty or negative about themselves as well.

So, the American influencer Tori McCain, who participated in this movement, wrote on Instagram that it is time ‘to stop viewing postpartum as something negative.’ The message that new mums want to pass on with this hashtag is that postpartum is in fact positive, not taboo.

‘Your body has taken you to great heights regardless of whether you’re a mom. It’s worthy of your respect whether you’re six weeks postpartum or you don’t even own a uterus,’ indicates Katie Crenshaw who has more than 70,000 followers. The hashtag ‘#this_is_postpartum’ shows that women should and can be proud of their bodies! Check out the photos below of women who have used this hashtag.

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