This Gorgeous New Trend Is Showing The World We're Proud Of Our Stretch Marks

This Gorgeous New Trend Is Showing The World We're Proud Of Our Stretch Marks
This Gorgeous New Trend Is Showing The World We're Proud Of Our Stretch Marks

The time for the truth has arrived… Yes, girls have, well most of them anyway, stretch marks. Yes, stretch marks are normal. And no, you don’t need to be ashamed of them. Oh My Beauty is getting on board with the #teamstretchmarks movement.

The #StretchMarkGanghas arrived online!

Because of her video that has more than a million views, Mademoiselle Gloria has managed to create a surge of love for stretch marks all on her own… and we thank her for it! A million views, that’s how many normal girls (just like us) who have their flaws (just like us) and who have been moved by her message of being kind to yourself… and others!

Having stretch marks doesn’t make you a freak

Because we’re seeing perfect bodies (and photoshopped like models) everywhere we look, we almost believe that we’re the only one in the world who has big hips or zebra stripes. The truth is that 95% of women have them, and even some men as well. All you have to do is take a look around at the beach and you’ll easily see that it’s true. Just like cellulite, lots of people have stretch marks. Does that mean they’re going to stop us from living our best lives and making the most of it? Surely not!

Where do stretch marks come from?

Stretch marks mostly appear during adolescence, when are hormones start going crazy. Losing or gaining weight quickly, or even having more elasticated skin, can also lead to them appearing. What causes these stretch marks to appear is the breaking up of the underlayer of the skin that has started to crack. They first start to look a bit pinky but over time and as they heal, they turn white and become less visible. To tell the truth, we see them on ourselves, but on others, just like with any other physical particularity, we never notice them!

Oh My Beauty supports the #StretchMarkGang

As you’ve seen above, having stretch marks is completely normal and human. These strong women, who had the courage to talk about them and show that they’re just a part of daily life, have taught us to accept our little marks and realize that ultimately, we have to learn to appreciate them. Because seeing girls without filters, without photoshop, just normal like all of us, it feels so good!

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