These Women Have Transformed Their Scars Into Beautiful Works Of Art

Some of life’s hardships leave an eternal mark—but sometimes art is all that’s needed to draw beauty from pain. See how these women’s scars were metamorphosed into breathtaking tattoos.

Life’s troubles sometimes leave their traces on our bodies. But as these women understand, something beautiful can be made out of even a difficult situation. They altered their scars with tattoos, allowing the artwork to at once camouflage and transform the marks.

Some of these women even dared a touch of humor, adding on a needle and thread, a zipper, or even reproducing the scar in artistic detail. Others opted for flowers, mandalas, feathers, or a world map. This movement is nothing if not wonderfully ‘body positive.’

Check out the video above to see how these tattoos are helping people love their imperfections!

What is body hair positivity? What is body hair positivity?