These Women Are Posting Pictures Of Their Grey Hair On Social Media For An Important Reason

No matter how old you are, grey hair can appear at any time in your life. Learning to accept themselves, lots of women have been proudly posting pictures of their grey locks on social media sites. Check them out.

A wave of body positivity has been sweeping social media recently. For a long time now, lots of Instagram accounts have been paying tribute to women who accept their grey hair. The time for spending lots of money to constantly cover up your roots is over, now women are posting pictures of their grey locks without a care in the world.

The Instagram account ‘Grombre’ already has more than 100,000 followers. Selfies of women of all ages with grey hair are posted on this account daily. Created in 2016 at the suggestion of Martha Truslow Smith, a 24-year-old American graphic designer, who found her first grey hair when she was 14, this movement strives to question and challenge feminine beauty standards.

For many years, young women have been ashamed of their grey hair and then little by little, they realized that the chemical products they were using to hide them were not the right solution. Thanks to these women, lots of ladies have also decided to stop dyeing their hair and just accept their grey hair as part of who they are.

Check out our video above to see some of these gorgeous grey-hair looks...

What is body hair positivity? What is body hair positivity?