She Destroyed Online Bodyshamers In Four Simple Pictures
She Destroyed Online Bodyshamers In Four Simple Pictures
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She Destroyed Online Bodyshamers In Four Simple Pictures

This young girl shot down everyone who was making fun of other people’s bodies in just 4 photos!

Sara Petty is a student at Bowling Green State University. But what’s interesting is what she posted a year ago that quickly spread around the USA.

Sara chose to stand up to Body Shaming after seeing some tweets from some people insulting a young woman of a certain weight, by saying she didn’t have the right to wear the kinds of clothes that she was wearing. Therefore, Sara decided to post 4 photos to put these trolls in their place!

When she posted these photos, Sara explained that she had seen a tweet online saying that women who weigh 200lbs shouldn’t wear bikinis, and during a quick search, she found many tweets featuring similar messages. Therefore, she decided to put an end to body shaming her own way.

Obviously, Sara took the tweet in question and posted it at the same time as a series of photos of her in a crop-top, then in mini-shorts and finally in leggings…

‘Girls, stop tearing other girls down. Empower one another!’ she added.

‘It’s so sad that all of the tweets are from girls about girls,’ said one young woman named Laurita.

Men can obviously be just as cruel as women. Sara posted this photo on Instagram after a man had made fun of her for her weight.

‘I’m sorry your life consists of trying to make women feel bad about themselves and that my life consists of being strong and beautiful.’

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