Influencer Puts An End To Stereotypes With These Pictures

Influencer Puts An End To Stereotypes With These Pictures

This mother of four children surprised everyone. She decided to share pictures of her belly two years after giving birth to her last baby. She shared an incredible message of acceptance. Check out the video to find out more!

Mel Watts, a 31-year-old Australian influencer, wrote her thoughts on people who believe that getting their pre-pregnancy body back after childbirth is easy in an Instagram post. She shared pictures of her belly to silence the naysayers.

In the photos, the blogger mother is only wearing a T-shirt and panties to encourage her 265,000 followers to do the same and celebrate their bodies. With much humor, she compared accepting her new body to accepting motherhood.

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Mel wrote that she is amused that women talk about getting their old body back. According to her, that body will never comes back.

As expected, everyone congratulated the mother for talking about her struggle to accept her body. We live in a society in which we must have children but without looking like we had them. We hope that this message will free many women from this unnecessary pressure.

Check out the video to find out more! 

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