Why CBD has revolutionized the beauty industry

A growing trend over the last few years has seen CBD take the beauty industry by storm. Below, we examine why exactly this ingredient has become so popular.

It seems as though every other week a new indie beauty brand is coming up with the latest CBD infused skincare product. Whether we're talking about a cleanser, a moisturizer or even a lip balm this stuff seems to be everywhere! But why suddenly the craze over an ingredient that's derivative of an illegal substance?

What's so good about CBD?

CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is famously derived from cannabis (this is often used as its main marketing hook) but without the psychoactive THC so you won't be getting all the extra effects that comes with it. Instead, you will be getting a surprisingly large amount of health benefits on your skin as explained by Dr. Jame Heskett, founder of The Wellpath Clinic in New York City.

Firstly, as she explains, CBD oil is highly anti-inflammatory which makes it perfect for those of us who suffer from acne, eczema and other chronic skin conditions. She also explains that:

CBD oil is sebotastic which means that it inhibits the growth of cells that produce sebum.

This only reinforces the use of this ingredient on people with acne-prone and oily skin.

Finally, as you surely know, antioxidants are a necessary barrier to protect your skin from the grime that gets on it throughout the day. And as it happens to be the case, CBD is a very strong antioxidant that protects your skin while also providing it with anti-aging properties.

What are some CBD products to look into?

Definitely do check out CBD masks as they pack a mean punch when it comes to moisturizing, revitalizing as well as protecting your skin.

Another cool product to check out is CBD hair oil as it has been shown to not only have soothing effects on your scalp (for those of us who suffer from psoriasis) but also strengthen your hair in general.

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