Which Hair Colour Should You Choose?

Got a sudden urge to change your hair colour but not sure which shade to go for? Ohmymag is here with some expert tips to make sure you make the right choice. Watch our video to learn more today!

Which Hair Colour Should You Choose?

1. Natural-looking chestnut brown: Are you after a new but natural-looking shade of brown? If so, chestnut brown is perfect for you. There's nothing more gorgeous than glossy, chestnut locks. You can even try a discreet copper-colored balayage or why not opt for lighter highlights for a sun-kissed look? Chestnut hair suits all skin tones - you can go lighter or darker depending on your complexion.

2. Fiery auburn: Very trendy, there are infinite possibilities when it comes to shades: from coppery auburn through to full-on Irish red, you're sure to find something for you! Intense and deep, auburn is ideal for a natural and luminous result. Natural blondes might want to go for a Venetian red that will blend perfectly and brighten their natural colour. Those lucky enough to be natural redheads might want to add some copper highlights to spice up their hair!

3. Sexy blonde: According to Marilyn Monroe, gentlemen prefer blondes. But rather than platinum blonde, opt for a softer and more authentic shade. Ashen, vanilla, or golden - the options are endless. Whilst going blonde is easiest for those with naturally lighter hair, brunettes can also go blonde progressively. Start by trying out a balayage or an ombre look and see what you think. You can keep going progressively lighter until you find your perfect shade.

4. Go for bold black: Are you looking for an extremely dark shade that will cover your natural colour? If so, go for black. Black hair looks great with medium to dark skin tones and there are numerous shades you can choose from like: soft black, blue black, natural black, purple black, and the list goes on. Remember once you choose a darker shade it will be much more difficult to go back to light hair.

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