This is why you should never leave the house with wet hair

Do you often leave your home with a head full of hair that is soaking in water? Here’s why you should never make that mistake again.

The mornings can be chaotic for people who love pressing the snooze button more than one time. There are very few activities we can fit into our morning routine, and doing even one extra little thing can make or break our schedule—that one thing is often washing and drying our hair.

For some bizarre reason, such a menial task can take such a long time, especially when you have long hair. That’s why many people opt to wash their hair and rush out the door while it’s still wet. That decision may be time-saving but it's definitely not the best thing if you want to keep your hair healthy.

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Dull and dry hair

Dry and dull hair Element5 Digital/UNSPLASH

You should know that water and cold are the biggest enemies of our hair. When it’s wet, it’s more likely to get damaged and brittle—and this is why it is also not good to comb your hair when it's wet.

Additionally, when wet, the structure of your hair is open and hence it allows external pollutants like dirt and dust to penetrate hair fibres. As a result, your luscious locks become duller, drier, and breaks more easily. Moreover, high humidity on your scalp can also lead to severe dandruff.

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Getting sick

Having a cold and wet scalp for long periods of time is also not great for our immune system...yes, our mothers were right!

Dr. Maurice Rotenberg explained during an interview with French newspaper Madame Figaro, that it’s not wet hair that gives us a cold but it's actually a wet scalp. He explained that:

Dampness and cold help the body to cool down. In combination, they weaken the immune system and make our bodies more susceptible to viruses and bacteria.

So, instead of leaving your hair to air dry when you’re outdoors you should definitely find a few minutes to dry your hair before leaving the house. If you do not wish to use heat on your hair, then wring the water out using a microfibre towel and then air dry it while you're indoors.

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