This is the one mistake everyone makes with self-tanning lotion

Self-tanning lotion is the ideal product to give the look of a tanned skin without waiting for the sun. But only if you apply it properly.

With a hopepfully post-pandemic summer approaching, everyone's already dreaming of looking good and showing off bronzed skin, in the most natural way possible. Unfortunately, using a self-tanner can quickly leave you with ugly streaks if you don't use the right technique... This year, you can learn how to avoid making the same mistake!

This mistake we all make

After a body scrub to remove all dead skin, we all tend to start applying lotion on the upper body and end at the feet. And that's the mistake! Why? Because when you bend over, your skin can form folds and wrinkles at various spots on your body. The product, which has not had time to act, will fade in some areas and become more pronounced in others, leaving small darker spots or pale lines! This is why it is necessary, from now on, to always start with the feet and finish on the back of the neck, so that the skin remains as taut as possible.

How to choose the right shade

Now that we've told you how to avoid leaving ugly stripes on your skin, it's time to help you use your self-tanner correctly for a nice and even natural-looking tan. So first prepare you skin: exfoliation and moisturizing. Next, it is important to have a self-tanner adapted to your skin tone. Thankfully, nothing could be simpler: simply look at its percentage of DHA (dihydroxyacetone).The higher it is, the more suitable the product is for darker skin. For fair skin, choose a percentage between 1 and 3. For darker skin, choose a percentage of 2 to 8, depending on the desired effect. Most of the time, brands clearly indicate this on the packaging for easier use.

How to apply it properly

The day before you apply it, start by exfoliating to remove any dead skin and then moisturise your skin. On the day, using a glove—very important to avoid ending up with orange hands—apply your self-tanner all over your body, starting from the bottom. Make sure you haven't missed any areas, it would be a shame to end up with two-tone skin. For the face, to ensure an even tan, use those new self-tanning products that mix with your day cream. Much easier to use, they leave no trace.

Still, if you want to tan the natural way, check out the video above.

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