This is the kind of blackhead that you should never ever pop

For some people, it really is an obsession, but we do not recommend squeezing these white and black heads on your nose. And the reason will definitely surprise you! In fact, many people confuse blackheads with these strands.

When it comes to blackheads, we all know the struggle. These little circles that sometimes make life impossible for us and removing them can seem to make it just a bit better. But it is possible to confuse them with sebaceous filaments, which are better to leave alone.

The buildup of oily, waxy matter in the nose

The sebaceous filamentis the blackhead’s cousin and at first glance, can look the same as a blackhead, since their heads are darker when they break the skin. But when we want to remove them, we are faced with a long strand of an oily, waxy substance.

Sebaceous strands are formed due to a buildup of this substance, and trying to remove them often leads to them quickly coming back. Worse still, if they aren’t cleaned well, they can also cause our skin to become greasier or can even lead to infections.

Sebaceous Filaments Getty Images

To get rid of sebaceous filaments, the best thing you can do is to clean them in the most natural way possible (Aleppo soap with a low dose of laurel oil can do the trick), a soft exfoliating scrub or a purifying clay mask. Within a few weeks of following this treatment, your skin should already be looking better!

Check out the video above for more on how to make sure you're looking after your skin properly!

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