This Is How You Should Wear Glitter Makeup During The Holidays
This Is How You Should Wear Glitter Makeup During The Holidays
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This Is How You Should Wear Glitter Makeup During The Holidays

Torn between the desire to shine and the desire to glitter, we've created a high-flying battle between silver and gold make-up, which we hope will help you choose your make-up for the festive season.

Golden make-up:

To achieve this complete look, you'll need:

1/ A golden eye base or a golden cream eye shadow

The base here is necessary to hold the powdered eye shadow that you will later apply to your eyes.

2/ Two eye shadows: one golden and one ochre

On your mobile eyelid, apply the lighter shade. On the upper eyelid, apply the ochre eye shadow pigment to define the crease. Then blend the two colours together to create a gradient. To accentuate the make-up, apply the darker colour at the lower lash line to create a kind of contouring around your eyes. Then apply mascara or false lashes.

3/ A powdered highlighter

The basis of all golden makeup is to be able to shine. So don't skimp on the highlighter which should be applied (very generously) from the temples to the top of the cheekbones. This golden powder will sublimate your cheeks, making you the queen of any party.

4/ A long-lasting golden lipstick

To finish the look and give it a little offbeat look, wear a golden lipstick. Uncommon on lips, this colour will bring light to your already bright face.

With makeup like this, you'll be a golden goddess among your guests.

Silver makeup:

1/ An iridescent base

Apply an iridescent eye base. It will allow the future glitter to cling well.

2/ A glitter eyeliner

To make your eyes sparkle, apply a line of black or navy blue glitter eyeliner to the lashes, followed by a thick coat of black mascara.

3/ A glitter highlighter

No more highlighter in the classic powder, now we use real glitter. Apply a fixing gel to the top of the cheekbones and apply a few glittering particles from the temples to the middle of the cheeks.

4/ A gloss

For a shiny pout, use a glittery lip gloss.

From the eyes to the mouth to the cheeks, we've opted for a total look with which you'll shine. But if these make-ups are too much for you, you can also just inspire yourself by picking just a few of our ideas. Now it's up to you!

By James Guttridge
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