The Benefits Of Using Wheatgerm Oil

A single oil that will get you looking radiant from head to toe - sound good? Ohmymag brings you all the secrets of wheatgerm oil - a miracle ingredient for your hair and skin!

The Benefits Of Using Wheatgerm Oil

1. Properties: It is extracted by cold pressing wheatgerm and it's a good base for many homemade cosmetics. Its pleasant texture and sweet smell make it an ideal ingredient for hair and body masks and lotions. Nourishing, it contains a high dose of vitamins A, C and E, omega-6, and carotenoids. Thanks to the richness of its composition, wheatgerm oil is excellent for your body and hair. Its extraction is quite complex (because it requires a large amount of wheat) so it is quite expensive, but a few drops are enough to benefit from its miracle properties.

2. Uses: Thanks to its richness in oleic acid, wheatgerm oil is perfect to restore softness to all skin types. It can be used to solve various skin and hair problems.

-For dry skin: Very rich, apply daily for more supple and radiant skin. You can use it by itself or mixed with a body cream and it deeply hydrate the skin. It's very adaptable to all types of skin, even the most sensitive skin.

-As anti-aging: With its concentration in different vitamins, wheatgerm oil is an excellent antioxidant that makes it a cell regenerating active ingredient. You can use it around the eyes and on the face. It will tighten the skin and restore radiance to your complexion.

-For the hair: Say goodbye to dry hair! You can leave wheatgerm oil in your hair overnight or you can create a hair conditioning mask before you shampoo. It will protect and deeply nourish the hair. A few drops daily is enough to restore an immediate shine to dull hair. You should use this oil only on the lengths and not the roots of your hair.

3. Cost: 50ml of organic fairtrade virgin wheatgerm oil will cost around £9. Although it may seem expensive compared to other oils, its exceptional properties make it worth the price tag. Make it last longer by mixing with other active ingredients such as olive oil, essential oils, or honey.

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