The Benefits Of Using Almond Oil

Renowned since ancient times for its beauty and health benefits, sweet almond oil has many uses. This vegetable oil is rich in vegetable fats, Omegas 6 and 9, Vitamins A (which improves the elasticity of the skin), B, D and E (antioxidant), protein, iron, zinc, and copper. In short, it will very quickly become your best beauty friend!

The Benefits Of Using Almond Oil
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The Benefits Of Using Almond Oil

The Benefits Of Using Almond Oil

1. Heals dry skin: Sweet almond oil is the best thing for dry skin thanks to the fatty acids and the vitamin E. Massage your face in a circular pattern twice a day for smooth, soft, and luminous skin.

2. Reduces wrinkles: Sweet almond oil also reduces facial wrinkles when taken early enough. Apply a drop around the eyes, on the forehead or chin then massage gently in morning and during the evening.

3. Treats acne: The sweet almond oil is very effective on acne-prone skin because it contains a lot of fatty acids. You can make a mask using almond oil, an egg yolk, and apple pulp. Spread this on the affected area for about30 minutes then rinse.

4. Helps with the production of skin cells: Consumed orally, in the form of tablets or teaspoon, sweet almond oil contributes to the production of skin cells. Try adding this with vinaigrette, it's delicious.

5. Moisturises skin: For the body, incorporate a few drops of sweet almond oil into your moisturiser to enjoy its benefits and avoid the "sticky" effect that some oils can have.

6. Reduces the appearance of stretch marks: Almond oil is also very effective with fighting stretch marks, especially after childbirth or weight loss. Thanks to the fatty acids and the vitamin E it contains, it helps regenerates the skin and add intense hydration.

7. Hair moisturiser: Sweet almond oil is ideal for dry hair and irritated scalp. It brings both shine and hydration. Pour a few drops into the palm of your hand and wet hair, then massage your tips and your scalp.

8. Hair conditioner: Alternatively, replace your conditioner with sweet almond oil. Massage it into your hair then rinse thoroughly.

9. Soothes skin: You can also add a few drops of sweet almond oil to your bath for a moisturising and relaxing effect.

10. Removes dead skin cells: For oily skin, almond oil can be incorporated into a scrub. Exfoliation helps to get rid of dead skin and impurities without irritating the skin due to the protective effect of the oil. Add a few drops of almond oil with sugar and honey.

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