Tests shows this is the best hand cream on the market

The magazine 60 Million de Consommateurs developed a cosmetics trial, bringing together the best hand creams, and this is the one that come out on top.

An indispensable product during winter, hand cream has become even more attractive since the appearance of COVID-19, which has led to more frequent hand washing. Soap and using hand sanitiser all day long have the disadvantages of drying out the epidermis, even more so in cold weather. So make a habit of always carrying your favourite hand cream with you in your bag.

Which hand cream should you use?

For it to be effective, the cream must have strong moisturising components without irritating agents, especially if it is applied daily. The best cream for frequent use must have a composition that is as natural and neutral as possible. In fact, it must not contain endocrine disruptors, have ‘safe,’ non-polluting preservatives, as little silicone as possible, and be, at best, free of allergens.

To determine what the best hand cream is, the magazine tested 12 products of different brands and prices in its special January 2021 issue. Thus, some brands are organic, others are not, and the difference in price can be significant. The hand cream that tops the list is Dermophil's Indian Formula Protective Repair Cream. The editorial staff justifies their choice as following:

There's nothing wrong with this formula, which contains natural active ingredients. The main ingredient is glycerine, of plant origin. The composition also includes shea butter and blackcurrant and sunflower seed oil. No notifiable allergens are reported.

Other alternatives

The other hand creams that won a positive opinion are Gentle Cream with Apricot Butter from Marionnaud's Green range, Extra Rich Hand Cream, moisturising care with Cocoa, Argan Oil, and Shea Butter from Melvita, Extra-Firming Hand Cream with Wild Herbs and Flowers from Natura Siberica, as well as the Dream of Honey Hand and Nail Cream with Honey, precious oils, and Vitamin E from Nuxe.

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